Paddle Zlam

PaddleZlam – The Perfect Outdoor Activity for Families & Kids of All Ages

The Springtime is officially here, which means the weather here on Long Island is shaping up to be warmer and much more enjoyable than the harsh Winter. It also means tons of families will be taking advantage of the sunshine and spending more time outdoors.

When parents have the little ones in tow, it’s important to keep them busy and even more important to give them something fun to do that they can enjoy with one another. No matter the outdoor location, whether it’s on the beach, at a friend’s house, or in your own backyard, PaddleZlam is the “anywhere game” that those of every age can enjoy, all while taking on some friendly competition.

PaddleZlam originated right here on Long Island and is similar to KanJam, where a cylinder disk is thrown into a round cylinder. The game consists of two teams that are each made up of four people, who line up on opposite sides of one another and assist each other in hitting a paddle ball against or into a small plastic gaming cone.

The perfect addition to an outdoor event, PaddleZlam allows families to bond with one another and can teach them a few things, too! The game encourages participants to work together as a team, and is also a great way to get your daily exercise in.

Combining volleying, running, precision paddling and mental awareness, PaddleZlam will give your family a workout, while entertaining those who are playing and even those who are watching from the sidelines.

With simple-to-learn rules, PaddleZlam participants of any age can score and earn points in a number of different ways. When setting up the game, the plastic gaming cones must be 20-30 feet apart, depending on the team’s skill set. The PaddleZlam sticker should be on the outside of each cone, which shows that they’ve been set up properly.

Players can receive points for side shots (worth 2 points,) top shots (worth 4 points), and center shots (worth 6 points.) Additional points can be earned with tricks such as the Freestyle Shot, which gives teams a bonus point, a Paddle Pass, where point values are doubled, and an Assisted Shot that earns you point values that are halved. A Direct Hit takes place when a team member hits the ball against or into the cone without any assistance, and a Wipeout is a shot in the center hole off a Paddle Pass. The first team to reach 21 points wins the game!

So, if you’re planning some family and friend gatherings as the warmer weather approaches throughout Spring and all through Summer, PaddleZlam is sure to give you and your guests a full day of outdoor entertainment and is a game that both adults and children can enjoy together.

Interested in purchasing your game of PaddleZlam for some outdoor fun? Find PaddleZlam at Target and at Religion Surf and Skate, located at 464 William Floyd Parkway in Shirley.

Contact PaddleZlam inventor, Robert DiGiacomo with any questions at today and get one step closer to enjoying the friendly challenge of PaddleZlam!