Paddle Zlam

PaddleZlam™ Rules

PaddleZlam can be played with two (2) but is typically played with four (4) players. Teammates stand at opposite cones.

Each turn consist of two (2) serves so that both players on a team have a chance to score. Serves can be overhand or underhand, but must be taken from behind the front edge of the cone. Points are awarded any time the ball strikes or enters the opposite cone whether assisted, direct (unassisted), or a Paddle Pass. Points are cumulative and are awarded at the end of every turn. Gameplay continues until one team scores exactly 21 points. If a team scores more points than necessary to reach 21 in a given turn, all points scored during that turn are subtracted from that team’s total score rather than added to it. Both teams must complete the same number of turns in each game. This means if the team that served first gets to 21 points first, the team that served second gets another chance to try for 21 points. If the team that served second gets to 21 points first, the game is over.


  • 1 Point - Partner serves and you assist the shot anywhere on the cone with your paddle.
  • 2 Points - Either you assist your partner’s serve into the top hole or you serve the ball and hit the cone directly.
  • 3 Points - Assisted shot into the front hole, direct shot into the top hole, or Paddle Pass that hits the cone. A Paddle Pass is when a player calls out “Paddle Pass” serves to their teammate who volleys the ball straight up, and the server runs to the opposite cone to ZLAM it in the hole.
  • 5 Points - Paddle Pass into the top hole.
  • Automatic Win - A direct shot into the front hole ends the game instantly!
  • Wipeout - A Paddle Pass into the front hole wipes out the opposing teams score!

PaddleZlam™ Setup

Setup: :

  • PaddleZlam cones are rolled up smaller than their assembled size in order to fit into packaging.
  • Therefore, it may be necessary to flatten or reverse roll each cone before assembling.
  • Wrap the semicircular plastic sheets into cones and secure by aligning the T-Shaped tabs with the pill shaped slots. The plastic sheets will overlap by about 2” inches. The tabs should be inserted into the slots from the outside of the cone towards the inside.
  • When assembled correctly, the PaddleZlam sticker should be on the outside of each cone.

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