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PaddleZlam Pickleball Game Set: is an action-packed, intense 4-person paddle ball game perfect for the beach, backyard, gymnasium and camping! Teams of two face off to serve, assist, and ZLAM the ball into the goals on the two cones with paddles. The object of the game is to be the first team to score 21 points. Get ready to run – the Paddle Zlam game will get the whole crew moving fast! Each game set includes 2 plastic game cones, 4 paddles, 2 pickle balls, carry bag, and instructional stickers.

The Original PaddleZlam (2nd Generation Game Set)
We’ve worked out all the kinks associated with our older COOP product, and we have reintroduced a better quality product with more content (ie. thicker uv gaming cones, extra ball, carry bag, coated paddles, and scoring stickers).

Target, Camping World, S&S Wordwide, Gopher Sport, and Flaghouse all carry the latest edition. Beware of Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Christmas Central and other various retailers that still sell the older version of our product.

PaddleZlam can be played anywhere, but the best game action is typically enjoyed on the sand at the beach. Still the game brings great excitement when played in the backyard, gymnasium, campground or your favorite sporting event. “The Ultimate Anywhere Game” TM

PaddleZlam is recommended for ages 7+, but can be modified to get even the youngest of kiddies involved. For example: You can flip the cones upside down so the larger opening is on top, incorporate foam balls, lighter paddles, or even use the cones as portable basketball hoops.

At this time, we do not stock any replacement parts, but if you email us(info@paddlezlam.com) we can make recommendations on where to find comparable replacement products.

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