Thinking about adding PaddleZlam to your gym curriculum

Physical Education programs

PaddleZlam has become widely accepted into Physical Education programs throughout the country. Physical education professionals have embraced our game and have quickly found ways to modify the game to encompass even the youngest of age groups. PaddleZlam is the perfect indoor/outdoor activity to create some friendly competition and to get your students to enjoy exercising again.

Key Components of PaddleZlam:

  • PaddleZlam makes for a great year-round activity.
  • Improves group dynamics, teamwork and participation.
  • Enhance fine motor skills through multiple variations of play.
  • Supports Math and Verbal function through score keeping
  • Great addition to your backyard games unit.
  • Meets National Shape standards for striking sports.
  • PaddleZlam can be modified to incorporate all age groups.

Please send purchase order request to info@paddlezlam.com.

Please find Lead up activities, National Shape Standards and W-9 information below

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