Outdoor weddings are the ideal setting for couples who want to tie the knot in the sunshine or under the stars. Whether the big day is taking place in your own backyard, on a vineyard, beach, farm or another outdoor venue that is ideal for you and your partner, entertainment for you and your guests is important, especially at an outdoor venue.

Being outside generally makes people want to be more active, yes, even at weddings! They’ll be dancing and enjoying some delicious food and drinks, and maybe some friendly competition?
The entertainment options are truly endless when an event takes place outdoors, giving everyone a ton of space to enjoy themselves. With that in mind, lawn games have become a popular trend for outdoor weddings in recent years, giving guests a unique way to stay entertained throughout the evening.
It’s a sure way for your loved ones to enjoy their time at your wedding and can even act as quite the ice breaker for friends and family members that don’t know one another. Another plus about lawn games is that they make for a great photo op! Once your big day is over, it will be wonderful to look back at photos and videos of your guests having the times of their lives.
Keep the outdoor entertainment going all night long with PaddleZlam, an “anywhere game” that was created right here on Long Island, that is sure to impress your wedding guests and get their blood flowing. A game that is simple and easy to learn, yet exhilarating at the same time, PaddleZlam combines running, volleying, precision paddling and even mental awareness.
Giving your guests some games to play also benefits the newlywed couple, as there are a bunch of duties that come along with being the stars of a wedding. From the greetings to the photos, it’s almost impossible to spend a ton of time with each and every guest. But with games like PaddleZlam, it will give couples comfort knowing their friends and family are having a great time.
Similar to KanJam, where a cylinder disk is thrown into a round cylinder, PaddleZlam will give your guests a workout without them even realizing it! The game consists of two teams that are each made up of four people, who line up on opposite sides of one another and assist each other in hitting a paddle ball against or into a large plastic gaming cone.
The plastic gaming cones must be 20-30 feet apart, depending on the team’s skill set. Players can receive points for side shots (worth 2 points,) top shots (worth 3 points), and game over for center shots. Try and take out your opponents score with a PaddlePass into the center hole. Be the first team to 21 points without going wins the game!
The easy-to-learn game of PaddleZlam can be played by any of your guests, no matter the age, although it is best fit for those 7 and older. Weddings are a wonderful way to bring friends and family together, and with some PaddleZlam, they can enjoy some light-hearted competition together as well – all while practicing teamwork and group cooperation.
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