What people says about Paddlezlam

Paddlezlam is an amazing game. If one were to take Pickleminton, Cornhole, Can Jam and put them in a blender….you would end up with Paddlezlam. This game is not only great because you can play it almost anywhere (except in the dining room), but for the fact it fun to no end. There is no amazing athletic ability needed to play this fun game that requires solid teamwork with communication and some luck at times.
From the first time I played it, I was hooked. Then I presented it to physical educators and student majors and they did not want to stop playing, until they were forced to leave the room for the next presentation.
I am truly glad to say that this is an up and coming game, that people will have a great time playing. I look forward to hearing about Paddlezlam tournaments in the future…I will be there!

Chris Walker, Physical Educator

My name is Becky Foellmer and I’ve been in education for 37 years. My teaching experience includes teaching math, computers and coaching various sports along with supporting teachers as an Instructional/Technology coach.
PaddleZlam is our new favorite family game. We play it at just about every family gathering whether it’s in the backyard, tailgating before a baseball game, or even during our most recent family and friends ski trip, when we had our first “SnowZlam” event! Talk about a blast! This summer we’re hoping to get a group together to play on the beaches of Lake Michigan. (I can’t wait to play in the sand.) What I love about the game is that it’s very active. Played competitively, you get in a great workout and I really appreciate not even realizing I’m working out because it’s so much FUN! I, also, love that it’s a challenging game and that you can really see your skill level progress, with practice. The fact that it requires a great deal of teamwork is definitely another factor that makes a favorite over some of the other yard-type games. It always feels better to win as a result of teamwork! I’m a huge fan of PaddleZlam and am SO glad we learned to play! Now, I just want to share it with as many people as I can.

Becky Foellmer, Instructional/Technology Consultant

PaddleZlam is a great game for kids and adults too. You can practice your eye-hand coordination and agility skills, get some exercise and have lots of fun at the same time. It’s great for physical education class, camp settings or just for fun in your yard or on the beach or snow with your family and friends.

Gregg Montgomery, Educational Consultant

I think that I had participated in a game of Paddle Zlam for approximately two minutes before I realized how awesome this game was! Luckily for me, I am not a shy person. I saw the game in a box in a corner at the 2017 SHAPE America Convention. I asked around the room until I found the person who owned it. Soon, I was paired up with a person I didn’t know, and two other people I didn’t’t know, and my first game of Paddle Zlam was occuring! Flash forward a few weeks, and my family was playing on our front lawn. Neighborhood families joined in, and now Paddle Zlam is at all of our barbeques, and even went on vacation with us! But, it doesn’t stop there! As an Elementary PE teacher, I recognized this had a place in my classroom! This game, and the skills involved reaches many of our standards. I think what I love the most is, it is truly FUN for all! I think Paddle Zlam has a place in everyone’s home, as well as in the educational setting!

April Baugh, An Elementary Physical Education and Health Teacher at Linn Elementary School. Wichita, Kansas

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