How was it made

I always loved coming up with games for my family to play in the yard or on vacation. When I made this, my friends would play and ask if I could bring it to their barbeque. We’d play it at the beach and strangers would come up and ask where I bought the game. After several inquiries, I had to seriously consider that I might actually have a solid marketable gaming idea. After a number of revisions based on both feedback and observation of the game, the final version of what would be known as PaddleZlam was created.

What makes this game so different and unique is that it offers the same great features of all those beloved family games like Horseshoes, Kan Jam, and Bocce, but it’s much more interactive. It gives players the opportunity to utilize their skills like no other game on the market. It combines precision paddling, volleying, running and mental awareness alike. Players get so caught up in the game they don’t even realize the extent to which they are doing physical activity, especially when playing on the sand. Weight loss was never our real goal when we set out to perfect this game, but it’s certainly nice to see positive results from those that continuously play.

So if you’re a paddle ball enthusiast that’s ready to take the sport to the next level, then PaddleZlam will be right up your alley. Be the first to get the game that all your friends will be bragging about.

Robert DiGiacomo
ActiveSportss LLC

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