Design your own Mega PaddleZlam Cone


   UPZ Mega Cone Uses
⦁ Ultimate PaddleZlam Competitions
-Join the many schools that have incorporated Ultimate PaddleZlam into their curriculum.
⦁ Baseball/Softball Pitching Practice
-Perfect your pitching skills without the need of a catcher with this perfectly placed strike zone.
⦁ Lacrosse Target Practice
-Use this cone as an alternate target to help perfect your players skills
⦁ Football Target Practice
-Improve your Quarterback’s accuracy with this perfectly sized target.
⦁ Company Promotional Cones
-Get your company noticed with these eye-popping cones
⦁ Company Logo garbage receptacles
-Easy lift cone and remove garbage. Fold cone flat for easy storage

   Cone benefits
⦁ Lightweight and transportable. Rolls up or lays flat.
⦁ Heavy duty plastic to resist both hot and cold temperatures.
⦁ Durable material can handle high impact sports.
⦁ Fully recyclable, which reduces waste and the potential for negative environmental impact.


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